Life’s to short to drink cheap coffee.
“I realized that individual freedom, when it’s not connected to some sort of community, or friends, or the world outside, ends up feeling pretty meaningless.” — Bruce Springsteen, 1988
I think in the grand scheme of things we are all divers. We dive into the depths of things from books, music, art, film, sex, love. There is no satisfaction in the shallows.
If you do something long enough, you will be presented with an opportunity (luck) that you can take advantage of. Then, you can win.
The sweet poison of the internet: why following your passion is bad for business
8. “If we build it, they will come” This is true on several levels, especially if you’re building a brothel. Otherwise, they won’t. It would be great if the world was a perfectly calibrated machine, into the top of which we poured talent and hard work, and out dropped the matching level of success. But it’s not. Just because something is good, or someone is talented, doesn’t automatically mean it‘ll succeed. Just because it’s bad, it won’t necessarily fail. This is why Paris Hilton has a bigger house than you, why Wyclef Jean is still making music and why David Hasselhoff can restart his career by getting drunk and eating a burger off the floor. Marketing is how you recalibrate that broken machine to give you the attention and success you deserve. Knowing how you’re going to publicise the thing you’re doing is just as important as the actual thing you are doing. For every minute you spend building it, for every dollar you spend building it, you need to do the same marketing it.
I am struck by the absence of sustainable discourse in the maker movement.

Yes We Can.

But Should We?